Score! and Score! Crowd (formerly Score! Free)

Score! and Score! Crowd

Score! and Score! Crowd are universal iOS apps designed to help you keep score of just about anything. Replace your scratch pad with this easy to use scorepad with a high-tech feel.

 On which devices will Score! and Score! Crowd run?
Score! and Score! Crowd will operate on any iOS device (iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad) that supports and is running iOS 5.0 or higher.
 What are the differences between Score! and Score! Crowd?
The only difference between Score! and Score! Crowd is the banner advertisements at the base of the scoring screen and full page add when adding a game found in the free version. All other functionality is the same!
 How many teams/people can be in a game?
There is no limit to the number of teams or players that Score! and Score! Crowd will track. The iPod Touch/iPhone version will show 9 teams/players on the screen at a time and the iPad version will show 16 teams/players at a time, but scrolling allows you to have as many people as you have in real life.
 Is there a way to view the current standings in portrait mode?
Yes! Just swipe up in the score screen and the current (or final) standings will be displayed.
 I entered the wrong score. Can I remove it?
Yes! Open the Turns screen by tapping and holding on the team/player with a turn you want to remove. When the Turns screen pops up, swipe right on the turn to reveal the delete button.
 Can I reopen an Ended Game?
Nope... but you can reuse the same people and settings by tappign the Reuse button on the Score screen.
 How do I delete a game?
From the Past Games screen swipe right on the game you want to delete to reveal the delete button.
 Can I reset a timer while it is running?
Yes - just hit the reset button.
 Can I change the time amount while the timer is running?
Nope... you'll need to stop the timer, pick a new time, and start again.
 Where can I download Score! and Score! Crowd?
Score! and Score! Crowd are only available to download from the App Store.
 For what kinds of things can I keep score?
Score! and Score! Crowd are fairly flexible and will allow you to score just about anything you can think of - board games, card games, trivia games, and just about anything else that has a point-based score system.
 Do I have to have a score cap?
Nope! Just leave the score cap blank in the Game Setup screen, or if you're removing one just enter a 0. Caps can be set for low or high score based games, or not at all.
 How can I see a team/player's turns (score history)?
Simply tap and hold on the team/player for whom you want details, and the turns will pop up.
 How do I end a game?
Tap End Game in the Score screen and confirm by tapping Yes. The winner will be displayed and you'll be done.
 How do I play a game again with the same settings and players?
Go to the Score screen for the game you want to replay, and tap the Reuse button. You'll see the screen update to 0's and you're ready to go!
 Can I edit a team/player in the game?
Editing a team/player is not currently an option. You can, however, add and/or remove whomever you'd like.
 If I close and reopen the timer, will it still be running?
Nope... you have to leave the timer open for it to run.
 Will the timer remember my last countdown?
Each time you open the timer it will default to the last amount of time you counted down.

Score! and Score! Crowd Privacy

Score! and Score! Crowd do not collect any information about you. Have fun, play games, keep scores. We won't know a thing about it!